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Duration from: 4 nights/ 5 days

Suitable period: All Year Round

Suitable for Children: 8+

Driving per Day: 2,5-5 Hours

Price: starting from 109€

Are you ready for an unforgettable family journey filled with mystery, mythology, and exploration? Embark on a campervan adventure with us and follow an Olympian God in Pieria on a unique 5-day trip, where ancient myths come to life in a treasure hunt like no other. Give your children the excitement of exploration, the joy of discovery, and the magic of family unity. By booking our campervan and the self-guided excursion, you receive a special package for young explorers with instructions, treasure hunt maps, puzzles, riddles, and more tailored to children’s ages from 3 to 12 years.

Elena, during her visit to the Acropolis in Athens, finds a stone that reads: “If you are reading this stone, my life is in danger. I am one of the Olympian Gods and I came here to find the goddess Athena. Unfortunately, I didn’t find her and I’m leaving to hide somewhere, and I will stay there until you come. If you want to help me, you must travel and solve many puzzles to discover: who I am, what happened, and to set me free.”
Elena had to leave, but she thought of sending the message to her friends, hoping someone would be braver. Have you received it too? Are you ready for the challenge?

This self-guided tour offers flexibility regarding the pace and locations. Families can customize the itinerary to suit their preferences, exploring additional attractions marked on the map during their trip. Price starting from: 109 euros

Day 1: Welcome to Pieria Olympus

Your self-guided adventure starts from Athens.
Your campervan will be your mobile home for the next few days.
Receive your treasure hunt set, including maps, clues, and all the tools you need for your adventure.
Immerse yourself in the exciting history of the 12 Olympian Gods as you solve your first puzzles on the way to the picturesque region of Pieria and the legendary Mount Olympus.

Day 2: The Search Begins – Explore the Dion Archaeological Site
Start your day with a delicious breakfast in the comfort of your campervan.

Head to the ancient city of Dion, a place of great historical significance and once a sacred city dedicated to Zeus.
Explore the archaeological site, uncovering secrets hidden among the ancient ruins.
Participate in family activities and puzzles inspired by the stories of the 12 Olympian Gods during your self-guided adventure.

Days 3-4: Uncover the Secrets of the Gods

Delve even deeper into the world of Greek mythology as you continue to explore the stunning natural beauty of Olympus.
Work together with your family to decrypt more information that will bring you closer to the secrets of the Gods.
Enjoy local cuisine and relax in your campervan, discussing stories and discoveries from the day.

Day 5: The Grand Finale: The Liberation of the God

Your last day is the culmination of all your efforts as you return to Athens.
Solve the final puzzles, connect the dots, and set free the hidden God/Goddess of Olympus.
Celebrate your victory with a grand farewell meal, knowing that you have successfully completed the self-guided treasure hunt adventure.

  • Treasure Hunt with Instructions, Quizzes, Age-Appropriate Stories (Adapted for Ages 8+; can be customized for younger ages)
  • GPS Map
  • Support via Chat/Phone
  • Materials for Activities
  • Suggestions and Costs of Campgrounds/Camper Stops
  • Tested Restaurant Suggestions
  • Suggestions for Walks
  • Delivery and Pick-up of the Campervan to your designated location
  • Campervan Reservation
  • Museum Tickets and Archaeological Site Entrance Fees
  • Campground Reservations (can be organized by us upon request)
  • Fuel
  • Tolls
  • Individual Travel Insurance



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